Scoot Applies for Honolulu Service, Via Osaka

Low-cost Scoot has been steadily expanding in the past few years, having recently announced Athens, Greece flights. They are now expanding even further with their application for service to Honolulu, Hawaii via Osaka, Japan from Singapore. Please note: this route is not confirmed, rather they have just applied for service from the United States Department of Transportation. They aim to start the flights in the second half of 2017. You may be thinking, why does this route sound familiar? Well, it just so happens that Air Asia is also launching this route (originating in Kuala Lumpur), starting 28 June.

It is interesting to me that Scoot would attempt the exact same route. I think it is a winner as there is good demand between Singapore and Osaka, as well as good traffic between Osaka and Honolulu, though I would be curious to know how much Singapore originating traffic there will be to Honolulu. On the other hand, Air Asia and Scoot will now be competing head to head on the Osaka to Honolulu route, with established competitors Delta and Hawaiian as well.

Is there no other Japanese city that could work for the route? I understand Tokyo to Honolulu is saturated, but what about Hiroshima or Fukuoka? I understand this would be a new route, but they would have the traffic all to themselves. I think if they did proper marketing for the route, they could make it work. As it stands, I am not sure if there will be enough traffic for all of those carriers between Osaka and Honolulu. It will be interesting to see if all carriers remain on the route. Ultimately, the competition will be fantastic for consumers, and I am sure you will be able to snag a great rate on the route.

In conclusion:

It is great to see Scoot expanding, though I guess I wish they would do so a little more creatively than just following in Air Asia’s footsteps. It will be great for all customers traveling from Osaka to Honolulu as this amount of competition will surely bring down prices. Would you fly this route, either from Singapore or Osaka?