New Route Rumoured: Asia to Miami, Florida

Per a recent article in The Next Miami magazine, there is talk about a new airline starting a route from east Asia to Miami within “the next 24 months.” Since this route would be too far from southern/southeast Asia, we can safely assume it is a Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Korean or Japanese airline operating the route. As Miami is a hub for American Airlines, we can further speculate that Japan Airlines may be the one starting the route as they are the only One World carrier to operate within these areas.

If it is indeed Japan Airlines starting the route, it will likely be with their 787 as they have been using this for less conventional, long-haul destination (Helsinki and Boston, as two examples). Interestingly, their main competitor ANA, just started flights to Mexico City. Japan Airlines will be able to take advantage of feed from Miami to Central and South America on One World partner American Airlines. Miami is the largest metropolitan area in the United States not to have a direct route to East Asia, though they are now connected to the Middle East via Qatar Airways.

In conclusion:

It is good to see new routes being operated. If this is indeed Japan Airlines, this will be a great way of feeding traffic into Central and South America with One World partner American Airlines.